In our daily lives, almost everyone wants to talk and would likely do everything possible for others to hear them talk. While this is important, there is more power in listening to people air their views than talking.

Great leaders lead by listening to other people. If you want to be a better leader, you must become a better listener to people. Good leaders listen, learn and lead.

Listening to people has many benefits.

To start with, it shows people we value them. Everyone wants to be heard and valued. A great leader must regularly tap into this opportunity. Those who are married are familiar with the recurring problem of communication between husbands and wives. A woman wants to be listened to by her husband. To them, listening ears from husbands conveys care, value and respect. In the same way, a man expects the same attitude from his wife.

In addition, listening to others create a learning platform for leaders. A major mistake made by people is to proffer solutions to problems without listening to the whole story. There is a danger in listening to a part of the story.

Ultimately, listening to others provide avenue for leaders to influence them. People naturally flock to those who listen to them. One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears. John C. Maxwell asserted, “When a leader listens to members of the team, that act gives the leader credibility and therefore influence. On the other hand, when team members no longer believe that their leader listens to them, they start looking around for someone who will”.

As a team leader, do you pay attention to what your team members are telling you? As a friend, do you listen to what your friends are saying to you? As a colleague, do you take note of what other colleagues are telling you? As a husband or wife, do you hear out your spouse? As a father or mother, do you listen and pay close attention to your children?

Good leaders purposely listen to others, and then lead from there.

Action Plan

  • Make an effort to actively listen to 5 people
  • Do not miss any opportunity to keep silent this month
  • Initiate an open ear policy this week



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